Tansu Knives Petty 155mm Damasteel Dense Twist

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This Tansu Knives Petty 155mm is part of a collection of knives Mert Tansu forged for the Damasteel Chef Invitational 2021. Is a full stainless Damascus forged in the Damasteel Dense Twist Pattern and we think it looks amazing.

The 155mm blade is ground convex(right handed), has beautifully sharp edge and is very well balanced. The balance point directly on the ferrule, which give the blade a surgical, nimble feel that is perfect for a utility knife of this type.

The handle is a "D" shaped Arizona Ironwood with walrus ivory ferrule, this is a right handed design (sorry lefties). The handle is paired with a matching friction fit saya in the same Arizona ironwood, although not necessary to fasten the saya Mert has added a walrus ivory pin to complete the pairing.

The fit and finish on this knife and saya combination is absolutely excellent. Small details have been considered at every point, for example the joins of the saya are almost impossible to see without searching, the way the contour lines of the handle blend with each other is absolutely perfect and the connections between the Arizona ironwood and the walrus ivory ferrule are seamless.

Mert is a world class craftsman with an uncanny eye for detail and he has brought all his skill and talent to bear on this beautiful competition blade.

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Full Stainless Damascus
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip:
Blade Height:
Convex (Right Handed)
Core Steel:
Damasteel Dense Twist
63hrc (tested)
Handle Type:
"D" shaped Wa (Right Handed)
Handle Material:
Arizona Ironwood and Walrus Ivory
Arizona Ironwood and Walrus Ivory