Tansu Knives K-Tip Gyuto 210mm 26c3 "Spicy White" Honyaki

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Here we have a very beautiful K-Tip Gyuto from Australian Blacksmith Mert Tansu of Tansu knives. The blade in forged in a Honyaki style out of 26c3 steel, also known as "Spicy White" as it is very similar to the the Japanese Shirogami or White-paper steel, a steel known for its purity. 26c3 has the addition of alloys like chromium to increase wear resistance, which is where it gets its "Spicey" nickname.

Honyaki blades are known to be notoriously challenging to forge and some blacksmiths say that 1 in 3 blades fail during the hardening process. For this reason the blades are often forged thicker at the spine. However, this beautiful piece of work is very much on the thinner side with a maximum thickness of 2.7mm!

The 26c3 steel can be made very hard and this blade has been clay quenched and differentially hardened at 64hrc at the edge, the hamon is a lovely wavy "stormy" pattern. Our photos really do not do it just. Sorry, we will try to be better. 

The blade features an ambidexturous convex grind with a very slight assymetry. This is one of the most impressive grinds we have come accross. Very nice!

Australia is truly the lucky country and this is especially true when it comes to access to beautiful wood. Anyone familiar with Mert's work will know that he has a reputation for working with very beautiful and exotic woods. The handle he has fitted here is no exception, a precision shaped, ringed gigee, octagonal wa handle with a brass space. Its simply elegent and very comfortable to hold.

This is a very beautiful piece of work by Mert and certain to make someone very happy.

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Spine Heal:
Spine Mid:
Spine tip:
Heal to Spine Height:
Slight Asymmetrical Convex
26c3 "Spicy White"
Handle Type:
Octagonal Wa
Handle Material:
Ringed Gidgee with Bronze Spacers