Shigeki Tanaka VG10 Nakiri 165mm 3D Handle

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The 3D series represents an idea that has become part of the Japanese culture. A passion for design that is influenced by tradition, nature and advanced techniques. The Tanaka VG10 Nakiri features the series trade mark ergonomic handle, which was designed and developed in partnership with the Kobe Design University, and a VG10 core, hand-forged blade.

The handle form was created using 3D modeling to map the human hand and to create a model of the movement of a chef’s hand during cutting and slicing. Each handle is made using an automated CNC Router to shape the handles out of a single piece of fine grain birch wood.

The birch wood has a multi-color shimmer to it, which features blacks, golds and browns and is coated with a proprietary wax-based coating that both protects the handle and helps to reduce slipping.

Each Tanaka 3D series handle is fitted with a hand forged blade, which has a core steel of VG10 (HRC 61+) and is sandwiched between a 16-layer Damascus cladding. The cladding is a stainless steel and resists rust. With care these knives last you a lifetime or two.

Working with the Tanaka VG10 Nakiri for a few hours you quickly realize how well made and designed these knives truly are. The blades are super sharp straight out of the box and the balance is absolutely perfect. Something you only really get on a hand forged blade. The grind on this Nakiri is a 50/50 convex and makes for easy maintenance.

The knife comes in a custom made blue and silver box, which has a foam support to hold the knife. It feels luxurious and offers a practical use for storing the knife when it’s not in use. The 3D series of knives offer serious value when you weigh the price against the product and we think that they are great knives for anyone looking for a new blade for at home or work.

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VG10 Super Steel
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Birch Wood Handle