Shigeki Tanaka Gyuto 210mm SG2 Damascus Custom

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Japanese kitchen knives have a reputation for being super sharp and beautiful to behold. Shigeki Tanaka embodies this reputation as a master blacksmith and his R2 series knives are some of the most sort after and desirable kitchen knives on the planet. This custom Tanaka R2 Gyuto is no exception!

The packaging is hardly of interest. However, when you receive your custom R2 Gyuto it comes in a custom laminated box, which is includes a plastic protective sheath or blade guard. The real prize awaits within though.

Fit and finish on this class of knife is pretty hard to fault. The spine and choil (heel) are rounded off and polished nicely and you really won’t find any rough or uncomfortable edges on this knife. The balance point is directly over the choil, making it feel light weight, nimble and comfortable.

Tanka has really perfected the Damascus cladding and his skill is especially obvious in the R2 and SG2 series blades. The shinogi (cladding line) is a good 6mm away from the blade edge and consistently distributed from choil to kissaki (tip).

The custom acrylic handle is near perfection in aesthetics and function. The smooth ergonomic shape lends itself well to most hand shapes and sizes and works well in a pinch grip. The handle is fastened with inlaid mosaic rivets and a polished stainless-steel bolster. The full tang is polished, and all junctions are flushed extremely well, and you won’t find any unsightly gaps.

The knife is constructed with R2 steel (Rockwell 62-63) which is clad in a 32-layer acid-etched suminagashi, Damascus cladding. The profile exhibited on the edge of this Tanaka R2 Gyuto starts out at the choil or heel with a slight flat section, but then it tapers gradually towards the tip or kissaki. It’s a pretty traditional Gyuto shape and lends itself well to almost every cutting style.

The spine has a slight distal taper, at the bolster it is about 2.5mm thick and gradually thins down to about 1.5mm at the tip. The grind is 50/50 convex, which is perfect for this kind of knife and very simple to maintain.

After a few hours of use, it is apparent just how beautiful this knife is. The thin blade, perfect balance and overall light weight inspires confidence and reduces fatigue.  The edge profile lends well to push cutting as well as fine detail work.

The beautiful Damascus cladding on this Tanaka R2 Gyuto is extra hard and extremely scratch resistant. It takes abuse very well. If you are interested in the R2 series then you are serious about knives and having used Tanaka Knives in the Modern Cooking kitchen for several years we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. This series of custom R2 series knives are beautifully forged and very comfortable to use.

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Core Steel:
R2 / Super Gold 2 (SG2)
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Classic Western
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