Shigeki Tanaka Nakiri 165mm Silver #3 Nashiji

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Shigeki Tanaka Nakiri forged in Ginsan (Gin3 or Silver #3) stainless carbon steel, with 14% added Chromium. Ginsan is similar in hardness to Shirogami #2, but unlike Shirogami steel Ginsan is stainless. It's edge retention is only slightly inferior to Shirogami #2, but the fact that it combines carbon steel characteristics like high edge retention, easy sharpen-ability and ultra sharpness with stainless steel corrosion resistance makes Ginsan a great choice for those who wish to have a Japanese carbon steel knife that is easy to maintain.
So, we have a premium quality stainless steel, forged by a Master Japanese Blacksmith. The blades are stunning with the Nashiji (pear skin) finish and the octagonal walnut and black buffalo handles.
Blade Type:
Core Steel:
Silver #3 (Stainless)
HRC Rockwell:
Handle Shape:
Octagonal Japanese "Wa"
Handle Material:
Walnut with Buffalo Ferrule