Saji Takeshi Ironwood Petty 150mm

Saji Takeshi
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This hand forged blade from Saji Takeshi is an absolute master piece. The blade is constructed out of SG2 high performance powder steel and finished with a Damascus stainless steel cladding. The handle is constructed out of American Desert Ironwood and fastened with decorative mosaic pins. Like the blade the handles are all hand finished and the result is flawless, perfect balance and razor sharp edges.

Saji Takeshi is a third generation master blacksmith and one of Japan’s most famous. Saji is also a founding member of the Takefu blacksmith co-operative of Echizen Japan in the Fukui Prefecture, which also includes our customer favourite Yu Kurosaki as a member. The Echizen region has become one of Japans most famous knife making region and like Saki City has a long history and tradition for making swords and knives that surpass all expectations.

Like Shigeki Tanaka and Yu Kurosaki, Saji Takeshi knives are well known throughout professional kitchens and the blacksmithing community and to own a blade forged by this master is to own a true piece of master craftsmanship. If you are looking for something truly special at an amazing price you are in luck.

Blade Type:
Petty, Utility
Core Steel:
R2 / Super Gold 2 (SG2)
HRC Rockwell:
Handle Shape:
Classic Western
Handle Material:
American Desert Ironwood