Radiona Breg Gyuto 250mm 1.2562 Kasumi San Mai "The Beast"

Radiona Breg
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This is an absolute beast of a blade, 250mm by 65mm. Workhorse, workhorse, workhorse! At the centre, a rock-solid core of 1.2562 carbon steel hardened to 64HRC. A beautiful steel with great edge retention, sharpen-ability, and a stunningly sharp and bighting edge.

The photos don’t really do it justice, Tomislav gives his knives one of the most comfortable and elegantly facetted handles around and although it may not look like it, the stepped integral handle is actually very comfortable to hold and a classy look on such a beast of a blade. On this blade it’s a beautiful, stabilised, walnut burl.

This monster has curves! The geometry and balance are perfect! It’s not easy to see, but the knife features a through tang, finishing at the end of the handle in a perfectly flushed steel end cap. A highly tapered spine makes for a versatile cutting action and the huge blade height means that although the spine is quite thick, the bevels are quite thin behind the edge.

The blade is finished in a contrasting cobination of forge finish and kasumi polish. An amazing piece from one of our favourite bladesmiths.

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Kasumi San Mai
Core Steel:
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip (20mm before):
Blade Height:
Handle Type:
Bespoke Hexagonal integral
Handle Material:
Stabilised Walnut Burl