The deejo brand was established in 2010 by Coriolis a French company owned by Stéphane Lebeau and Luc Foin. The company is dedicated to creating cutlery items and outdoor adventure equipment.

Stéphane and Luc are two designers who enjoy marrying traditional, proven products with modern design. They have a passion for the outdoors and for quality craftsmanship. Looking to redesign and reimagine the handy pocket knife, in 2010, the pair introduced the Deejo, which brought together elements from nature in the form of high quality wooden handles and French knife making tradition.

The knives where an instant success. Originally the Deejo pocket knife was to be part of their outdoor adventure brand Baladeo. However, the product was so successful that Stéphane and Luc decided to establish Deejo Ltd. Several years later the Deejo brand is now a well-respected knife manufacture with world renown. After the success of the Deejo pocket knife the company has also gone on the apply their modern design to a classic French product the steak knife and continues to develop new products for both indoors and out.

Deejo prides itself on delivering products with a focus on form, function and feel. It is important to the Deejo team that when a person uses one of their products the person enjoys handling them and develops an instant attraction and attachment to the product.

Deejo knives are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and produced in a socially respectable way. The Modern Cooking team feel confident that you well be totally satisfied with any of the Deejo products you may choose to purchase.