Yaxell RAN Chef Knife 255mm

Yaxell RAN Chef Knife 255mm

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Yaxell RAN series knives are the work horse of the Yaxell product line. This series comes with the classic Yaxell black micarta handles, a robust and reliable, super sharp VG10 core steel and a beautiful 69 layer, stainless, Damascus cladding. The Yaxell RAN Chef Knife 255mm is the largest in the series and really great knife for anyone in the market for a superior quality chef’s knife.

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2 in stock

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The RAN 255mm Chef Knife from Yaxell, like all the knives from this series, has a balanced and ergonomic feel in the hand. The blade shape is a western style chef knife and tapers from the hilt to the tip in a perfectly gradual arc. This gives the knife a great action when slicing. The blade on this Yaxell RAN Chef Knife also has a decent flat section to the profile, which is good for when you need to use a chopping action.

The knife is super sharp straight out of the box and is quite light for a 255mm knife. The fit and finish on the knife is immaculate and the joins between the black canvas-micarta handle and the blade are hardly perceptible. The height of the blade is a little shallower than your typical Chef Knife making the knife easy to maneuver and work with.

Essentially this Yaxell RAN Chef Knife is a solidly built, nimble and ergonomic blade that any professional or home cook is going to feel comfortable using.

Yaxell Knives make some sensational kitchen knives and we keep a broad selection of their blade types, which make them perfect for anybody who would like to put together a set for professional or home use.

Additional information

Blade Type

Chef Knife



Core Steel

VG10 Super Steel

HRC Rockwell



FDA-Approved Black Canvas-Micarta PLUS


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