Tojiro Petty (utility knife) 130mm – Senkou series

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If the Chef’s knife or Gyuto is the sword of the kitchen then the Petty is the scalpel. Detailed prep work requires a knife that is nimble and razor sharp and this Tojiro Petty is the perfect tool for the job. It features high quality VG10 steel and a comfortable, ergonomic fit Micarta handle.

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Easily one of the most commonly used knives in the kitchen, you can use the Tojiro Petty for trimming and cleaning vegetables and even basic butchery. A Petty or utility knife is one of two knives we suggest all cooks should own, together with a Chef’s knife/Gyuto or another general purpose knife like a Santoku. At 130mm the Tojiro Petty from the Senkou series is the perfect length knife to do fine detail work like dicing (Brunoise) and pealing or working with delicate produce that bigger knives like the Gyuto or Santoku are simply not practical for.

Tojiro knives have a reputation among chefs for producing very high quality knives and the Senkou series is there premium line. You can fell it from the moment you pick them up. They have great weight and balance, which is matched with perfect ergonomics. Its obvious that a lot of work and care has been put into their design. This Petty is no exception.

This Tojiro Petty is constructed using a core steel of VG10, which is renowned for having a great balance between edge retention and easy sharpening and at 62+ Rockwell its right in the sweet spot. That’s not to say that you wont need a good set of whetstones and a honing steel to keep the knife in good condition. However, with VG10 steel and regular use we find you don’t have to sharpen the knife too often. Once or twice every three months will be enough on the stones and a couple of strokes on the steel every now and then and you should stay sharp.

The Senkou range isn’t short on looks either. Its hard to call between the beautiful Damascus finish on the blade and the unique ergonomic handle. We think its the handle, which is constructed using a FDA approved Micarta over an exposed full tang. However, if you are partial to a Damascus clad blade you wont be disappointed. This Senkou series Tojiro Petty comes with a 33 layer Suminigashi style Damascus cladding, which is tight!

We have used the Tojiro knives in our test kitchen for several years and honestly find them hard to fault. They are well made, you can get a great edge on them and the profiles hit the sweet spot between the flat lines of the Japanese knives and the more curved profiles of western knives. You wont be disappointed.

Senkou series

The Tojiro Senkou range, which is also sold under the Flash brand in some markets, is the knife of choice for world renowned Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal. The series is well balanced and has a full tang construction. Although the Senkou series has either a 33 or 63 layer Damascus finish, the knives have a core steel of VG10 steel. VG10 is well known as a high performing kitchen knife steel, both in terms of edge retention and sharpen-ability. The Tojiro Senkou series mostly exhibits western style edge profiles except on their Japanese blades (Deba, Santoku etc.).

One of the standout features of the Senkou range is the ergonomics. The weight, balance and handle have been engineered to perfection and really do have a comfortable feel about them. In our tests we found the knives perform well under professional conditions and the unique handle shape helped to reduce fatigue. The handles are made out FDA approved Micarta and are well sealed, making them perfect for professional conditions.

Basically we totally agree with Heston. 😉

“For balance, technical precision and design, these are outstanding kitchen knives”

Heston Blumenthal


TOJIRO Japan produced their first knife in 1955, a stainless steel paring knife. The knife was not an immediate success as it was not considered sharp enough. Although stainless steel was the popular choice for knives at the time carbon steel was considered to have a higher potential for sharpness and edge retention. With this in mind TOJIRO began production of a carbon steel version of their paring knife along with a range of other shapes and sizes.

Today, TOJIRO is considered an innovator in the kitchen knife industry and working under the motto “More than just sharpness” the firm aims to deliver not only sharpness, but a feeling of oneness with the user through ergonomic design. TOJIRO produce kitchen knives for professional and home use and are considered some of the best knives in the world.

We have a wide selection of TOJIRO Knives, but if you cant find what you are looking for send us a quick email and we will get it in for you.

“The knives I use for their precision, quality and design.”

Heston Blumenthal

Additional Information

Blade Type




Core Steel

VG10 Super Steel

HRC Rockwell


Handle Shape


Handle Material

FDA-Approved Black Canvas-Micarta PLUS


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