Tanaka VG10 Petty 160mm 3D Handle

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Advanced 3D modeling and over 1000 years of Japanese blacksmithing tradition come together to create this knife. Third generation master blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka partnered with the Kobe Design University to create what is probably one of the most ergonomic, sharp and beautiful knife collections available. This Tanaka VG10 Petty is going to make you smile every time you use it.

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Product Description

The Kobe Design University has spent countless hours working with Master Blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka to develop what is truly a piece of ergonomic artistry. The comfort, balance and just superior ergonomics found on this Tanaka VG10 Petty simply cannot be understated.

The handle is just gorgeous. It fits every contour of your hand as if it was custom molded and working with it over a long period you will find a noticeable reduction in fatigue. To achieve this the Kobe Design University took over 1000 3D scans of various different hand shapes and sizes and observing professional chefs at work allowed them to, not only create a handle that fits almost any hand perfectly, but also reduced fatigue over long periods in the kitchen.

The handle is not just functional, but also beautiful. Made out fine grain Birch Wood, which is coated with anti-slip wax. As you look at the 3D handle it seems to shimmer with black, brown and gold colors.

At this point you might be thinking what about the blade. Tanaka Knives have paired the 3D handle with high quality VG10 steel (Rockwell 61+) to produce a Petty, which we believe will hold a fantastic edge for a long time. Even under professional circumstances.

As with all Tanaka Knives the fit and finish on this Petty is fantastic. The handle fastening has been nicely centered and is cleanly flushed and centered. The balance point on the blade is right where you want it, directly over the heal of the blade. The knife is finished with hand chiseled kanji and comes in a custom made blue and silver box.

Deciding if you are more impressed by the Suminagashi (Damascus) blade or the sexy looking ergonomic handle is not going to be easy with this Tanaka VG10 Petty.

We think this is a high-quality knife at a very reasonable price and if you are a professional chef you will find that this is a great knife for the long prep hours. However, we think the 3D range is also really great value and perfect for those looking for a beautiful and functional blade for at home.

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VG10 3D Series

The VG10 3D series was created by the same team that developed the Tanaka SG2 Ironwood series.

Working with The Kobe Design University Tanaka Kitchen Knives have developed an innovative handle made of fine grain Birch wood. The 3D handle with its beveled end fits the hand perfectly and provides an ergonomic grip regardless of your handling preference. The handle was designed using 3D modeling techniques to produce a product that reduces fatigue and discomfort.

Each 3D series knife is hand forged by master blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka. The blades have a core VG10 steel, which is finished with an 8 layer Suminagashi steel cladding. The 3D series has a hardness rating of 61+ on the Rockwell scale and holds a very sharp edge.

The VG10 3D series come in 4 knife types, which include a Gyuto, Santoku, Nakiri and a Petty. The knives come in a custom made blue box and offer sharpening instruction in the box (In Japanese). It’s nice to see a very traditional workshop like Tanaka Kitchen Knives taking steps to innovate and improve their products.

We highly recommend the VG10 3D series, especially if you are working professionally or simply want a great kitchen knife that is both comfortable to use and great to look at.

Tanaka Knives

Tanaka knives have been hand forging kitchen knives since 1946. Based in Miki-City just outside Osaka, Japan. Tanaka Knives was made famous by Kazuyuki Tanaka who along with his son Shigeki developed the SG2 range.

The Tanaka team consists of about a 5-man team who produce each knife completely by hand. The blades are all hand forged by Shegeki Tanaka, while the handles and sharpening is all undertaken by other members of this artisan team.

Shigeki Tanaka is a world-renowned Master Blacksmith and has now taken over Tanaka Knives from his father Kazuyuki. He is a fourth-generation master and produces several kitchen knife series including the SG2 Ironwood, SG2 Wa (Japanese style Handle), VG10 3D, and VG10 Wa.

Shigeki is considered an artist within the kitchen knife industry and a number of Michelin stared chefs choose to use a Tanaka kitchen knife as their primary knife. The Modern Cooking team have been working with Tanaka Knives for several years and we can highly recommend them.

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Additional Information

Blade Type




Core Steel

VG10 Super Steel

HRC Rockwell


Handle Shape


Handle Material

Birch Wood Handle


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