Tanaka R2 Santoku 165mm Wallnut Handle

Tanaka R2 Santoku 165mm Wallnut Handle

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The Tanaka R2 Santoku from fourth generation master blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka is an affordable premium quality knife. This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that you will get years of pleasure using and with some care also pass on to your children.

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Product Description

This Tanaka R2 Santoku is beautifully finished and the balance is perfectly set just over the heal of the blade. The blade thickness on the spine tapers from 2.4mm down to 1.8mm. The profile of the blade edge has a nice flat section for chopping with good amount of curve for rocking and slicing.

The R2 series is forged out of an R2 steal, which is also known as SG2. The R2 steal has a high potential hardness of around 62-63 HRC and Shigeki has hardened this blade to 63+ HRC. The blade feels razor sharp straight out of the box, but you might be able to get it a bit sharper with some work on a sharpening stone.

The Tanaka R2 Santoku has a comfortable and nimble feel to it and you will have no problems using the blade for hours in the kitchen. The Japanese style Wa handle has a fullness about it and the octagonal shape gives an ergonomic feel in the hand. This is a premium quality santoku forged by a master blacksmith and you get exactly what you would expect.

A practical designed, forged to perfection with beautiful looks. The core R2 steel makes for a super sharp blade, but it’s the 32-layer Damascus cladding that really shines through on this blade. Shigeki has finished this model with a matt black Damascus finish has a beautiful 3D shimmer to it. Not only a fantastic knife, but certainly a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

If you are interested in Tanaka knives and would like to see other blades produced by this master blacksmith we have several other collections including the 3D range, and the SG2 ironwood range.


Tanaka R2 Series

The R2 series blade is made in the same way as the famous Ironwood Series. The core consists of SG2 steel and is clad in 32 layers of stainless steel. It’s a Suminagashi or Damascus finish, which Shigeki Tanaka specializes in.

The only difference between the Ironwood series and the R2 series, apart from the handle, is the blade finish. The R2 series blades are not acid treated and so the Suminagashi finish is black or grey in color. This variation is only aesthetic in nature and has no impact on the quality blade.

The handle on this series, being a Wa style handle or Japanese style, is highly interchangeable. The series is available with a variety of octagonal handles including Walnut, Ebony, and Black Plywood, amongst others.

The R2 series comes in a variety of different blade types including Gyuto, Santoku, Nakiri, and Petty. Each of the blades are available in a variety of different sizes also.

We consider the R2 series one of the best value, and highest quality knives available. This is an artisan product, Shigeki Tanaka is a master blacksmith and this series of knives is absolutely fantastic!

Tanaka Kitchen Knives

Tanaka kitchen knives have been hand forging kitchen knives since 1946. Based in Miki-City just outside Osaka, Japan. Tanaka Kitchen Knives was made famous by Kazuyuki Tanaka who along with his son Shigeki developed the SG2 range.

The Tanaka team consists of about a 5-man team who produce each knife completely by hand. The blades are all hand forged by Shegeki Tanaka, while the handles and sharpening is all undertaken by other members of this artisan team.

Shigeki Tanaka is a world-renowned Master Blacksmith and has now taken over Tanaka Kitchen Knives from his father Kazuyuki. He is a fourth-generation master and produces several kitchen knife series including the SG2 Ironwood, SG2 Wa (Japanese style Handle), VG10 3D, and VG10 Wa.

Shigeki is considered an artist within the kitchen knife industry and a number of Michelin stared chefs choose to use a Tanaka kitchen knife as their primary knife. The Modern Cooking team have been working with Tanaka Kitchen Knives for several years and we can highly recommend them.

Additional Information

Blade Type




Core Steel

R2 / Super Gold 2 (SG2)

HRC Rockwell



Octagonal Walnut with Buffalo Ferrule


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