Takamura Tsuchimi VG10 Gyuto 180mm

Takamura Tsuchimi VG10 Gyuto 180mm

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Premium Gyuto produced in Japan by Takamura Knives. This particular blade is forged in VG10 steel with a stainless steel cladding. The Takamura brothers have finished this knife with a Tsuchimi style hammered fishing, which looks great and helps the blade to slice with reduced friction or blade stickiness. The knife is fitted with a simple, but elegant black pakka wood handle, which is comfortable to use and suits the style of the blade.

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Takamura Knives was established over 86 years ago and is now in its 3rd generation. The blacksmith is based in Takefu, Japan. The Takamura brothers inherited the shop from their father and now run the factory with their children. Well known for creating super shape knives with excellent fit and finish they specialise in using modern steels like VG10 and SG2. Takamura knives have found their way into the hand of some of the world top chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Rene Redzepi and other Michelin stared chefs.

The Takamura VG10 Tsuchimi (hammered Finish) is an absolutely beautiful Knife. The blade is hand forged with a V-Gold 10 Core and a stainless cladding, finished in a Tsuchimi style (Hammered). The steel has been heat treated to perfection and has a HRC of 61+ on the Rockwell scale. The 50/50 convex grind is suits the knife well and makes for easy sharpening. Speaking of sharp the knife comes super shape straight out of the box and holds an edge really well. The handle is a simple, but elegant three pin black Pakka wood shaped in a traditional western style.

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Core Steel

VG10 Super Steel

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Black Pakka Wood


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