Sushi Komachi Premium Japanese Rice 500g

Sushi Komachi Premium Japanese Rice 500g

2.21 (incl. tax)

Premium grade Japanese short grain rice. Perfect for making Sushi or onigiri rice balls or to serve alongside other Japanese meals.

Product Description

Sushi Komachi is a premium Japanese rice, which is grown in Italy. The specific variety that is used is known in Japan as Akitakomachi and it is known throughout Japan as one of the best quality grains. In Japan it originated in Akita Prefecture, this rice is known throughout the country for its delicious taste and superior quality. Once cooked the rice becomes sticky and chewy in texture while still retaining its shape and moisture. Perfect for making sushi or onigiri rice balls or serve alongside other Japanese meals.

If you are looking to make sushi at home, we have everything you will need.

Daruma Gourmet

Daruma Gourmet is speciality Asian ingredients brand that has been developed to serve the European market. Experts in Asian ingredients work closely with local producers to develop premium quality gourmet ingredients. Each product is developed under the strictest of guidelines to ensure that product meet the quality standards and specifications of the ingredients produced in the origin country. However, because Daruma products are produced locally in Europe they are more cost effective, have a lower carbon footprint and are simply fresher.

We believe that this means Daruma Groumet product are in some cases superior to those produced in their origin country, but try for yourself.


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