Suehiro Sink Bridge 370mm-625mm

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The Suehiro Sink Bridge 370mm-625mm is capable of spanning even the largest kitchen sink and is the perfect accessory for anyone who uses whetstones to sharpen their knives.

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Product Description

A sink bridge provides the convenience of being able to place your whetstones directly under running water and over a sink. This means that you have water available when you need it and any slurry is easily washed down the drain. It’s the perfect system for any working with kitchen knives. The Suehiro Sink Bridge 370mm-625mm has rubber anti slip feet positioned to grip the edge of the sink and ensure the bridge does not move around. As an added bonus it also has a second set of rubberised feet so that it can also be used as a bench-top whetstone holder.

The Suehiro Sink Bridge 370mm-625mm is a versatile sink bridge that can be used on any sink between 370mm and 625mm. However, if you are looking to sharpen your knives over smaller sinks or in a polycarbonate tub we suggest that you check out the Suehiro Sink Bridge 230mm-305mm.

The Suehiro Sink Bridge 370mm-625mm has a broad stainless-steel platform, which is perfect for holding just about any stone you might like to work with. The bridge can hold a static weight of up to 10kg. You can simply drape a wet cloth over the bridge to ensure your stones do not move around, but we like to use our adjustable stone holder, which also comes with a sharpening pond for easy benchtop sharpening.

Working with a sink bridge really is the ideal accessory for someone who loves working with sharp knives and considers taking care of their knives an important part of cooking. If you work with soaking stones, you can leave them in the sink and have easy access to ready to use stones as you work. Proximity to running water makes splash and go stones easier to. As chefs cleanliness is a must and so probably one of the main points for us is that the Suehiro Sink Bridge 370mm-625mm helps us keep our working environment clean.

Established in 1967, Suehiro Corporation has been producing synthetic whetstones for close to have a century and has emerged as one of the worlds best and most sort after sharpening product producers. Suehiro Corporation aims to produce synthetic sharpening stones that have the unique sharpening and polishing qualities of the high-end natural stones without the potential impurities, which can scratch and damage your kitchen knives. Naturally quarried whetstones are also very expensive. Suehiro produces a range of whetstones that are both affordable and very high quality. The company constantly invests in R&D and has developed some of the most popular sharpening stone around.


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