Suehiro Knife Sharpening Guide and Eraser Whetstone

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Sharpening your kitchen knives on whetstones can be a daunting task for anyone who isn’t experience with use. The Suehiro Knife Sharpening Guide is a helpful tool to get your started developing the muscle memory needed to correctly set the angle of you knife blades.

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Product Description

If you are just starting out in sharpening one of the biggest challenges is going to be developing the muscle memory needed to get a sense of the angle at which you are sliding the blade across the stone. Keeping the angle consistent as you move the knife across the blade is important if you want to develop a consistent edge on your knives. The Suehiro Knife Sharpening Guide simply clips onto the spine of your knife and helps you to set the angle of your edge.

As you become more confident you most likely choose to work without the guide, but for a beginner it is a nice tool to help you get started developing that muscle memory. The Suehiro Knife Sharpening Guide is set to 15° which will give your double-sided kitchen knife blades a 30° angle. 30° is a good angle most commercial quality kitchen knives, if you are working with premium quality kitchen knives which are constructed out of harder steels HRC 61+ you may begin to prefer a tighter angle, which will yield a sharper edge.

The Suehiro Knife Sharpening Guide comes with an eraser whetstone, which can be used to clean your whetstones after use or remove rust from knives that have developed a patina. Sharp knives are safer to use, produce finer cuts and reduce bruising of delicate produce. Anyone who is using kitchen knives should endeavour to keep them sharp. The Suehiro Knife Sharpening Guide will certainly help anyone looking to learn to sharpen knives on whetstones.

Modern Cooking also has a knife sharpening starter kit, which includes several stones and tools needed to get started.

Established in 1967, Suehiro Corporation has been producing synthetic whetstones for close to have a century and has emerged as one of the worlds best and most sort after sharpening product producers. Suehiro Corporation aims to produce synthetic sharpening stones that have the unique sharpening and polishing qualities of the high-end natural stones without the potential impurities, which can scratch and damage your kitchen knives. Naturally quarried whetstones are also very expensive. Suehiro produces a range of whetstones that are both affordable and very high quality. The company constantly invests in R&D and has developed some of the most popular sharpening stone around.


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