Suehiro Cerax Whetstone #6000

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The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 grit is a professional grade stone for those looking to refine and polish the edge of their blades. The stones cut well and provide great tactile feedback allowing you to achieve a great edge, with a minimum of time and effort. The stone has a built-in rubber base and comes with a smaller cleaning stone.

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Product Description

If you enjoy working in the kitchen then you probably already know that having a good quality set of kitchen knives is key. Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is probably already part of your process, but many cooks only have a sharpening stone like a #1000 grit and maybe a repair stone like a #320 grit. If you are really looking to hone your knife skills, then you really need to add a polishing stone to your collection. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 is a pro level polishing stone that will elevate your knife edge from sharp to razor!

Polishing stones have a very fine scratch pattern that gives your knives that “like new” mirror shine. These stones refine the burr on your knives giving them ultra-fine teeth, which result in razor sharpness. If you have not been using a polishing stone as part of your sharpening process, then you have been skipping the final stage in the sharpening process and while you could stop at the sharpening stone level (#800-#3000) a polishing stone will almost certainly elevate your knives cutting capability to a professional level. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 is premium polishing stone with very high-quality abrasive material and minimal bonding agents.

The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 grit is a great stone for those looking to breathe new life back into their kitchen knives. This stone is not really for repair work or re-setting the burr. We suggest using the #320 or #700 grit stone if you are looking to repair chips or other damage on your knife edge. #1000#3000 grit stones are primarily used to re-set and re-burr the blade. If you are working with premium blades like the Tanaka or Kurosaki ranges we would suggest that you consider an even higher grit whetstone like the #8000.

After sharpening and polishing a few of our knives we found that the Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 is a high-performance stone that cuts quite fast. We only require around 3 passes to achieve a nice mirror shine, but the star attraction on these stones is the tactile feedback. You can really feel the edge of the blade against the stone and easily get a sense that the angle is correct.

The Cerax #6000 grit stone from Suehiro along with a good quality repairing stone (up to about #800) and sharpening stone (#1000-#3000) is all you need to keep your knives in good condition. Modern Cooking stocks a range of Suehiro whetstones as well as some other brands to suit each of these purposes. We also recommend regularly using a honing steal to keep you burr straight and true between sharpening’s.

We also have an entry level knife sharpening kit that includes a sharpening steal and sink bridge. However, we also have professional sharpening kits and whetstones for those who are really serious about knife care and maintenance.

Established in 1967, Suehiro Corporation has been producing synthetic whetstones for close to have a century and has emerged as one of the worlds best and most sort after sharpening product producers. Suehiro Corporation aims to produce synthetic sharpening stones that have the unique sharpening and polishing qualities of the high-end natural stones without the potential impurities, which can scratch and damage your kitchen knives. Naturally quarried whetstones are also very expensive. Suehiro produces a range of whetstones that are both affordable and very high quality. The company constantly invests in R&D and has developed some of the most popular sharpening stone around.


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