Japanese Sencha Green Tea 70gr

Japanese Sencha Green Tea 70gr

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A superior grade Sencha green tea from the famous Shizuoka region. High quality young leaves are roasted to deliver a savoury, sweet fruit and nut blend. Make this delicious Sencha your morning brew for a healthy, revitalising start to the day, that has a mild caffeine boost.

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This Sencha green tea is produced in the famous Shizuoka region. Shizuoka is the largest tea producing region in Japan, producing more than 40% of Japan’s tea. Most of the tea produced here is Sencha in it varying types and qualities. This Sencha is considered a mild style and in particular “stomach friendly” or “easy drinking”. This is because it contains less tannins and caffeine than other Sencha teas.

The tea is produced using a traditional roasting method, which breaks down the tannins and reduces the caffeine content. The roasting also gives the tea a milder savoury flavour. Most modern Japanese Sencha are steamed (not roasted) and this is the key difference between a typical Chinese green tea and the modern Japanese Sencha green tea.

This is a young tea that has fruity characteristics that blend well with the nutty flavours that result from the roasting. The tea is of superior quality and can be infused several times. This tea can be served with any meal or as a refreshing drink throughout the day.

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