Japanese Knife Sharpening By Rudolf Dick

Japanese Knife Sharpening By Rudolf Dick

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A fantastic step-by-step guide to kitchen knife sharpening . Rudolf Dick is an engineer and leading expert in Japanese cutting tools and, in this book, he guides you through the best equipment, and techniques required for proper kitchen knife sharpening and care.

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This is the ultimate guide to kitchen knife sharpening with traditional whetstones. The book provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly sharpen and care for your kitchen knives, accompanied by over 120 colour photographs, plus black and white graphics for clarity. A detailed guide on the how to properly care for all major kitchen knife types is also included, along with expert advice on the use of solid, abrasive materials, and steel.

Important information on how to care for whetstones is also provided to keep your sharpening stones useful for many years. An expert in Japanese cutting tools, Dr. Rudolf Dick, explains the various Japanese knives, helps you choose the correct sharpening stones, and provides a detailed guide for sharpening practice. A chapter on the pinnacle of sharpening, polishing Japanese swords, completes the standard work for all users and friends of Japanese knives.

If you are looking for guidance on kitchen knives or a selection of the various whetstones needed for proper kitchen knife sharpening then Modern Cooking has got you covered.


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