Japanese Iced Green Tea 150gm

Japanese Iced Green Tea 150gm

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The perfect refreshment after sport or on a hot day. Iced green tea has all the antioxidant health benefits you need, and is refreshing, rehydrating and uplifting. This particular blend is made from premium Japanese Matcha from the Uji region near Kyoto.

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Iced green tea is a refreshing, healthy and uplifting beverage, which is perfect for after sport or on a hot summers day. This particular green tea has been specifically formulated for serving cold. It is made from Matcha, which is made from tea that has been grown in the shade. The leaves of these plants have a higher chlorophyll content, which gives the beverage it vibrant green colour. The mixture has a small amount of sugar added and the flavour is light and sweet with a slight grassy, astringent flavour. Tea, like red wine, contains tannins, which gives it a lovely thirst quenching character to it and is perfect in this iced beverage.

This particular tea is grown in one of the most famous tea growing regions. The Uji region, which is in the Kyoto prefecture. Tea has been grown here commercially for at least 700 years and Uji actually houses the oldest tea shop in the world, the Tsuen Tea House, which was established in 1160. Today the Tsuen Tea House is operated by the 24th generation of the Tsuen family.

Try out this delicious iced Matcha tea and check out others in our range of premium teas.


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