Japanese Genmaicha Tea 100gr

Japanese Genmaicha Tea 100gr

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Flavourful and smooth, premium Genmaicha with a sweet, savoury flavour profile that is full of fruit, nut and grain characters. The perfect tea to enjoy after a meal or with cake.

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Mellow, sweet and nutty, Genmaicha is a blend of roasted, puffed brown rice and Sencha.

Our Genmaicha is a wonderful blend with a fruity, nutty character and a rich flavourful aroma. The roasted, puffed rice gives this tea a rich and hearty flavour of roasted nuts and coffee beans with the fresh green fruitiness of Sencha. It is very well-balanced and flavoured.

Often, made from a low-grade Sencha, like Nibancha (tea from the second harvest of the year) or Sanbancha (tea from the third harvest of the year). Our Genmaicha is made from only Ichibancha (tea from the first harvest of the year).

Flavourful and smooth this is a premium tea. If you are a fan, give our Genmaicha a taste! We are certain you will be impressed!

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