Inclined Rubber Whetstone Holder

Inclined Rubber Whetstone Holder

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One of the key skills need to sharpen kitchen knives is the ability to consistently maintain the correctly bevel angle of your blade. This inclined rubber whetstone holder helps you to set the correct angle by offsetting the angle of the whetstone.

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Great for beginners this inclined rubber whetstone holder from Suehiro helps the user to set the perfect angle for sharpening their kitchen knives. The rubber also stops the stones from slipping around on your bench-top or sink bridge.

The holder is designed to hold two sizes of whetstone (180mmx50mm or 183mmx63mm). Our King Combination Whetstones #1000-#6000 fit the holders perfectly. As a set the two items are perfect for anyone who is just getting started in knife sharpening.

Aside from the inclined rubber whetstone holder we also stock a wide range of sharpening stones and accessories for anyone who sharpens their kitchen knives at home. Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is super important in terms of knife safety and working with sharp knives is also far more enjoyable and naturally yields much better results.

We think the inclined rubber whetstone holder from Suehiro is a great product for beginners in knife sharpening and will certainly help to consistently set the angle of the blade.


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