Ceylon cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka 20g

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The original and the best. Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks from Sri Lanka are considered the best quality cinnamon in the world. Loved for its intense sweet and lightly spiced flavor. From delicious spice filled deserts to sweet and spicy curries cinnamon is an absolute all-rounder.

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Product Description

Ceylon cinnamon stick are derived from the True cinnamon tree or Ceylon cinnamon tree, which is a small evergreen tree, native to Sri Lanka. The cinnamon is taken from the trees inner bark. There are several different types of cinnamon on the market, which can be broken down into two categories.

Cassia cinnamon which is produced in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico to name a few. Cassia cinnamon has become more popular over the years, primarily because it is cheap, but you get what you pay for. While some of the Cassia varieties have fairly decent flavor, they are all considered inferior to Ceylon Cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks are primarily produced in Sri Lanka, but around 20% come from other countries like Madagascar, India, Brazil and the Seychelles. Ceylon cinnamon has a sweeter more delicate flavor than the Cassia varieties, which are known to exhibit more spicy elements.

Thai Massman curry with its intense sweet and spicy flavor, Creamy and delicious Indian Butter Chicken, Apple crumble, Apple pie, Apple strudel, cinnamon buns, cinnamon butter with raisin toast. The list is endless so why not have the best in your pantry.

Quality herbs and spices make all the difference, too often we drag that jar of cheap old cinnamon or another spice out of our spice cabinet. Its lost its flavor and aroma over time and it really adds nothing to your cooking. Keeping quality herbs and spices will supercharge your kitchen and elevate your cookery to a whole new level.

If you consume cinnamon often or perhaps you are partial to chai tea or another cinnamon teas then you maybe concerned about the levels of coumarin found in Ceylon Cinnamon and you will be happy to know that Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks have very low levels, in fact they have the lowest amount of coumarin you will find in any variety of Cinnamon.


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