BergHOFF Kamado BBQ Large – Green

BergHOFF Kamado BBQ Large – Green

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There is nothing quite like cooking over charcoal, that smoky, caramelised flavour is just so satisfying. A Kamado BBQ is the absolute best way to go if you are looking to grill, roast, bake or smoke over charcoal. The BergHOFF kamado BBQ has a robust design and an impressive set of accessories that make it a super versatile choice for any home cook or professional.

BergHOFF Kamado BBQ
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Product Description

The origins of the Kamado BBQ are found in southern Japan and Kamado is actually the Japanese word for stove or cooking range. There are quite a few interesting stories about how the Kamado made its journey into the west, but essentially it all began with American servicemen, whom, during the second world war would pack Kamado BBQs on to transport plans and ship them back home. Eventually, they became so popular in the US that a variety of companies began producing them state side.

What makes the Komado BBQ so great is its versatility, it’s an all in one grill, oven and smoker. You can really cook anything on a kamado, from a low and slow brisket or ribs to burgers, steaks and veggies and even pizza (with a pizza stone). In fact, the Japanese traditionally use them to cook rice!

What sets the Kamado apart is its ceramic shell. The idea is not a new one. In fact, we have been cooking in clay since the dawn of our existence. The ceramic shell has extreme heat retention properties and can absorb temperatures up to 400 °C (750 °F) similar to a wood fire oven. The design also gives precise control of airflow (and thus temperature) afforded by the bottom up ventilation system, which makes it possible to roast and bake in your Kamado BBQ. Through the addition on a little modern technology in the form of an electric air blower and a thermostat controller you can precisely control your Kamado BBQs temperature to within a few degrees. If you would like to upgrade your Kamado check out our BBQ Guru upgrade kits or buy one of our BergHOFF Kamado BBQ Guru edition sets that come with the control unit included.

Since its arrival in the USA during world war 2 the Kamado has had its ups and downs and actually fell out of fashion during the 80s and 90s, but with the onset of the molecular gastronomy revolution many professional chefs have begun using them again to capture the great flavours that can only be achieved with charcoal and wood smoke. The versatility of these great BBQs is really what makes them great and is what is fuelling the Kamado revival.

Gather your family and friends around the table and create memories over a delightful backyard barbecue. The BergHOFF Kamado BBQ is a robust design that is built not only to take advantage of the classic Kamado features, but also to be strong enough to last. As a nice touch you can select from one of three different colours including Olive Green, Blue Stone Grey and Bright Orange. The grill is available in two sizes, a compact 33cm table top model and the larger, all-purpose, 58cm model.

Additional Information

Grid Diameter



Blue Stone Grey, Bright Orange, Olive Green


18/10 Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Cast Iron, Stoneware

Outdoor Series

The BergHOFF series of outdoor cooking gear and utensils are the best instruments to get back to basics. It’s not just about taking your time to cook, grill or smoke your food to perfection but also about unwinding, taking a breath of fresh air and catching up with the ones you love. Much more than just a way of cooking, a barbecue is the perfect gathering place for good food and good company.

The Outdoor collection assembles everything you need for the best outdoor dining experience all year round. The ideal BBQ, the right tools and stylish accessories, together they set the scene for a great meal. Outdoor is our versatile product selection that helps you to perfect your barbecue skills while you get into the summer vibe or enjoy the cold winter air.

Outdoor cooking goes beyond grilling food, it’s about bringing the full cooking experience outside. Anyone can pull a steak off the grill but a true barbecue enthusiast is curious to explore the possibilities. He or she wants to take it up a notch and bake a crispy pizza on the grill, smoke a delicious piece of salmon or even bake a batch of blueberry pancakes on the hotplate.

To bring that creativity and versatility to your grilling, the BergHOFF Outdoor collection assembles a variety of barbecues and barbecue accessories that help you add a personal twist to your outdoor dining feasts. Whether you prefer a ceramic barbecue, an outdoor kitchen or a table barbecue, this collection provides the best equipment to savour that sweet barbecue flavour.


BergHOFF Worldwide is a leading designer and manufacturer of cookware and kitchenware, celebrated in over 60 countries around the world. BergHOFF creates unique and practical designs that are understated and elegant.

BergHOFF has created products for the Kitchen, Table and Garden including great quality Komado grills, cast iron and stainless steel cookware and ceramic tableware amongst other fantastic products.

BergHOFF’s In-house design department has received numerous design awards, including Red Dot Design Awards, the IF Design Award, Designpreis Deutschland Award, and Good Design Award.


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