Pasta, Rice & Noodles

Pasta, Rice and Noodles are the perfect accompaniment for many dishes. Without one of these many of our favourite dishes would not exist.

Regardless of whether you are trying to choose the correct carbohydrate to accompany your latest creation or searching for the perfect noodle for that bowl of Pho or Ramen we are here to help.

When it comes to Pasta, Rice and Noodles there are many different criteria to consider. Texture, flavour, aroma, these are all critical to the dish you are trying to create.

The delicate chew of a whole egg Italian fettuccini or the amazing aroma and texture of toasted rye (Soba) Noodles, the perfect sushi rice.

Often overlooked, but just as important as any other ingredient. Here you will find a selection of Pasta, Rice and Noodles that will help you find that perfect balance in your next food adventure.