Oliver Märtens Santoku 165mm Mono Steel 1.2419.05 Take Down Handle

Oliver Märtens
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Hand-forged in 1.2419.05 tungsten carbon steel, a steel known for superior edge retention while still enjoying all the characteristics carbon steel is known for (thin, toothy edge, high hardness, beautiful patina). At 63HRC the blade takes on an amazingly sharp edge and is set at 20/20 out of the box, be careful!

As is the case with all Oliver Marten’s knives, performance comes first here. The blade geometry and profile are probably something closer to what you would expect from a Japanese Bunka, but on closer inspection this K-tip santoku is something unique. The edge profile features a consistent curve with quite a small flat section just after the heal. The profile tapers down from the substantial 57mm blade height at the heal to a thin, needle like tip making for a very versatile knife.

Extremely thin behind the edge and although the spine is quite thick above the heal (3.5mm) the blade is also quite tall at this point (57mm), which results in an even edge thickness throughout, and its laser.

Oliver’s knives follow a consistent design pattern that has become his trademark. His focus on performance does not get in the road of creating what are some of the most beautiful knives around.

The takedown, removable handle is a beautiful, faceted design, with natural straight lines and curves. It feels ergonomic and comfortable and has a lovely glassy matte finish, which feels and looks amazing! This handle is shaped in a piece of rich, green Juma and paired with a brass bolster. The combination is elegant and subtle!

The blade is finished with a unique nashiji style pattern, which pairs beautifully with thr handle and gives the blade comfortable gripy texture, perfect for a pinch grip.

Oliver’s knives are thoughtfully designed, featuring beautiful looks, rich and tasteful materials, and a performance first mentality. We have loved using his knives in the Modern Cooking kitchen and whole heartedly believe you will too.

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Mono steel Nashiji
Spine Heal:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip:
Heal to Spine:
Handle Type:
Custom Design (Take Down)
Handle Material:
Juma and Brass Bolster