Mizuno Tanrenjo Honyaki Wa Petty 150mm

Mizuno Tanrenjo
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Based in Seki City Japan, Mizuno Tanrenjo, led by 5th generation master blacksmith Jun Mizuno forges some of the most amazing Honyaki kitchen knives available. Also, a master sword maker Jun Mizuno has dedicated his life to his craft. Each blade is painstakingly crafted using traditional Japanese Honyaki technique.

The blade has an amazing mirror polish and features a beautiful Hamon in the traditional wave pattern that Honyaki blades are known for. Each blade has a chiselled kanji makers mark and also the name of the steel that has been used. The profile is something special, totally unique to Mizuno Tanrenjo knives and has a beautiful subtle curve from choil to tip that feel absolutely perfect for any cutting style.

Fit and finish is flawless with a beautiful, square spine, highly polished on all edges and at the choil. This is such a beautiful piece of function art. The sharpening on these blades is completed by Kawakita-san who works at Kawakita Hamono and he sharpens all of the Honyaki knives made by Mizuno Tanrenjo.

With regard to the handle we wanted to offer something totally unique and felt that pairing the Japanese traditional crafts was a fitting outcome. We sourced a beautiful wiped urushi lacquer handle from artisans at Nakamura hamono, which looks amazing paired with this beautifully hand forged blade.

We offer these blades on a pre-order basis. Each knife is produced to order, delivery is 2+ months.


Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Core Steel:
Shirogami 3
Spine Heal:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip:
Heal to Spine:
50/50 Convex
Handle Type:
Custom Octagonal Wa
Handle Material:
Black Urushi Lacquer