Lew Griffin Gyuto 240mm 52100 Carbon Steel - "S" Grind

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While the profile on this blade from Lew Griffin knives exhibits sweeping curves, the geometry is aggressively tapered at the spine and features a laser thin edge and “S” grind. A favourite feature being the thicker, highly tapered spine above a laser thin edge, which gives the blade weight above the heel, a nimble laser tip and an absolute razor shape edge. The “S” grind works improve food release, a problem that you only notice on knives that don’t handle it well. This is not one of those knives.

Although Lew describes this blade as a Gyuto, I would say it is much closer to a Chef’s knife. The profile has very little in the way of a flat section, which you would find on a typical Japanese Gyuto. I am not saying the profile is not good, on the contrary this is going to be an amazing profile for anyone who enjoys a push cut or rock chop action, and the “S” grind and razor thin edge makes this a great slicer also.

One element that is indisputable is the high quality of the fit and finish on this knife. Premium all the way with not a single rough edge or gap to be found. The Handle, a classic Lew Griffin, bespoke western made from a combination of Walnut burl, shed Deer Antler and Bog Oak. It’s just beautiful and one the best I have come across.

The black bog pairs very nicely with the forged black finish on the blade. This is overall a very nicely made knife with a classy design and thoughtful performance first blade.

Blade Type:
Core Steel:
Blade Finish:
Forged Black
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip (20mm before):
Blade Height:
Handle Type:
Bespoke Western
Handle Material:
Walnut Burl / Deer Antler / Bog Oak