Kamon Knives Sujihiki 340mm Denty Kurouchi 1.2519 with Saya

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Another beautiful piece of work from the Austrian master, Benjamin Kamon. This monster 340mm Sujihiki features Ben’s classic “Denty” hammered texture and Kurouchi finish. A flawless masterpiece with an incredibly precise, high-performance grind and profile. Tapering from 4.5mm to 2mm in less than 50mm the spine continues to taper all the way down to a mind blowing 1mm, 20mm before hitting what can only be described as a hair splitting 0.2mm needle tip. To consider that this level of precision is achieve on a blade of this size is incredible.

The profile features a satisfyingly tall 50mm blade height at the heel, which gives the blade a perfect slicing action. 340mm and balanced perfectly for a pinch grip, the knife feels nimble and light weight.   

Like all Kamon knives this Suji features some amazing style. Apart from the edgy and cool “Denty” hammered texture and Kurouchi finish on the blade, the knife features an English green metallic resin handle with custom milled copper torpedo end caps. A truly tasteful and contemporary combination. The handle is a classic Kamon D-shape and feels ergonomic and comfortable.

This amazing piece from Benjamin Kamon also comes with one of his custom made Sayas to store and protect the blade.

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Denty Kurouchi
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip (20mm before):
Blade Height:
Core Steel:
Handle Type:
Removable "D" Wa
Handle Material:
Copper Torpedo / English Green Metallic Resin