Kamon Knives Kiritsuke 265mm Nashiji Takedown Integral 1.3520

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At Modern Cooking we have been very lucky to work with some exceptionally creative people over the years. Benjamin Kamon of Kamon Knives is one of those amazing artists that goes above and beyond when creating his knives. Each one made in a small batch, only 10-12 batches per year. Most of the knives Benjamin makes are custom orders for customers that wait 12-24 months to receive their dream knives.

So, when Benjamin came to us and said that he wanted to make something new and he wanted to offer it to us we where naturally very excited. What he sent us was this first of its kind, a 265mm Kiritsuke Integral and as if that wasn’t enough, he has included not one, but two of is amazing removable “Takedown”, “D” shaped handles. 

The knife blade is a totally unique K-Tip Kiritsuke and features Benjamin’s extraordinary distal taper. The blade is 5mm above the heel and tapers down to, a needle tip, 0.06mm over the length of the blade, with a mid point measurement of 2.8mm.

Heel to spine height is 61mm and the blade is ground convex with a super thin edge at around 0.13mm.

The knife looks amazing in either the copper on black-brown stabilized masur birch or the grey etched titanium on stabilized maple burl. Changing the handle is simple with a couple of turns of a hex key (supplied with the knife), Benjamin suggests adding some Vaseline or another grease to the connection point between the handle and knife to ensure the longevity of the blade. The overall process takes no more than a minute and gives the knife a premium, custom feel.

This unique first of its kind/one of a kind is going to make some lucky cook very happy. 

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip:
Blade Height:
Core Steel:
Handle Type:
Twin "D" Shaped Integral Takedown
Handle Material:
1. Copper on Black-Brown Stabilized Masur Birch / 2. Grey Etched Titanium on Stabilized Maple Burl