Isasmedjan Sujihiki 270mm Wrought Iron Clad - Birch Bark Handle

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In the spring Jonas Johnsson heads out to his local forest to harvest Birch bark for his Rokkaku Hanmaru handles. He then must dry the bark over several months before he can begin crafting his handles from it. He could buy pre-made blocks but collecting his own allows him to pick and choose the pieces as he glues the different red, brown, and yellow hued layers together. It also adds an authentic and personal touch to his work.
The result is an array of contrasting layers and a beautifully original handle to accompany his hand forged blades. Each Birch bark handle is finished with a set of stainless endcaps, fastened with a brass threaded rivet. Little details like peening, hammer marks, left in the end caps are a classy touch on what is already a unique and stylish handle.
Extending from this amazing piece of craftsmanship is an equally beautiful hand forged 270mm wrought iron clad Sujihiki with a 26c3 carbon steel core. Jonas gives his San mai blades loads of contrast making for a very stylish look. The rustic wrought iron cladding, which is full of inclusions, is finished with a smooth matte, satin polish. Finally, the core steel has a forced patina, which creates another layer of contrast in the black edge band.
The quality of the blade also shines through in its cutting performance. A razor-sharp and thin edge and an average blade thickness that sits around 2mm makes for a very enjoyable slicing experience. A classy piece of work from Jonas “Isasmedjan” Johnsson.
Blade Type:
Core Steel:
Blade Finish:
Wrought Iron Clad
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip (20mm before):
Blade Height:
Handle Type:
Rokkaku Hanmaru
Handle Material:
Birch Bark