Isasmedjan Gyuto 230mm Honyaki 26c3 "Spicy White"

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An Isasmedjan Honyaki blade is certainly something special. Jonas Johnson sees Honyaki as the highest of artforms. His Honayki blades are simple and elegant with an absolute focus on traditional Japanese technique and absolute premium fit and finish.

This blade features one of the most perfect Japanese Gyuto profiles I’ve seen. By “Gyuto” I mean to separate this knife from any of the Western chef knife profiles. It has the typical Gyuto flat section that gradually curves towards the tip. The blade has a lovely cutting action, very enjoyable.

Unlike a classic Sakai Honyaki, this blade has a significant distal taper and at only 1.8mm at the spine mid-point and as little as 1.3mm an inch before the tip I would place this blade in the laser territory when compared to other Honyaki blades.

Un-questionably some of the cleanest craftsmanship around. Perfectly rounded and polished spine and choil, no unsightly gaps where the tang inserts into the handle. Just a very clean piece of work.

Speaking of the handle, WOW! It may be a simply Japanese Wa profile, but Jonas has really found some lovely materials for this one. A combination of Amboyna burl and a deep blue turquois spacer make for a stunning combination. The faceting is perfect, and the glassy matte finish feels amazing.

Classic Honyaki wave hamon, perfect balance, fit and finish, beautiful handle materials and amazing cutting performance. This knife is firmly in heirloom territory.

Blade Type:
Blade Finish:
Core Steel:
26c3 "Spicy White"
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip:
Blade Height:
Handle Type:
Japanese Style Octagonal Wa
Handle Material:
Amboyna Burl and Turquoise