Tojiro Bread Knife 240mm – Senkou series


Artisan breads have delicious, thick, crisp, crusts and are wider than average loaves. The long serrated blade on this premium Tojiro bread knife is what you need.

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Product Description

You’ve just got home from the bakery with a delicious fresh loaf. You reach for your bread knife and realize the length of your old school bread knife is simply too short to span your loaf or you go to slice into that delicious loaf only to find that you are tearing the bread, not slicing it. We feel your pain! We’ve had the same experience. The 240mm Tojiro bread knife from the Senkou series is a premium quality bread knife with style. The knife is forged in Japan using some of the best kitchen knife steel around. The result is a razor sharp knife which will hold its edge and last a life time.

Perfect for at home or in a restaurant the Tojiro Senkou bread knife has a 240mm length which is long enough for working with wide artisanal loaves of bread. Short bread knives are a pet hate of ours!

We found that the handle has a fullness and weight that is both satisfying and comfortable to hold on to and work with. While the blade profile has an angular form, which helps leverage the super sharp serrated edge, helping it slice through even the thickest bread crusts like butter.

The blade is made from high end VG10 steel and finished in an eye catching 63 layer Damascus cladding, which is guaranteed to impress your guests.

Tojiro make some super impressive knives and we think that you wont be disappointed in this beautiful high end bread knife. This is the bread knife you have been looking for.


Tojiro Japan

The history of Tojiro knives started with a stainless steel fruit knife that was released in 1955. At that time, at that time stainless steel was not the same standard as it is today and carbon steel was considered far superior. Tojiro began to develop superior stainless steel products, partnering with steel makers to develop and improve the quality of the stainless steel. This was the beginning of a company wide philosophy that dictates that, while sharpness is certainly important, ergonomics and maintainability are also important. Tojiro knives are designed to bring joy to their users in every way.

At Modern Cooking we see the Tojiro range as a fantastic product, which is suited to home and professional use. The knives are well made and feature superior quality steels, craftsmanship and design.

Additional Information

Blade Type

Bread Knife



Core Steel

VG10 Super Steel

HRC Rockwell


Handle Material


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Tojiro Bread Knife 240mm – Senkou series
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