Tamahagane Blackwood Petty 120mm

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Kataoka Hamon is a lesser known Japanese brand, similar to KAI or Yaxell Knives and their Tamahagane series knives are actually really great quality blades. This Tamahagane Petty is from the Kyoto range and features great quality steel and the fit and finish is faultless.

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The Tamahagane Kyoto range of knives consist of a machine-made, hand finished 63-layer Damascus blade. The core is VG5 and has a hardness of HRC61 on the Rockwell scale. The cladding consists of 31 layers of SUS410 stainless steel on each side of the core. Each Tamahagene Kyoto knife is hand finished on natural Japanese water stones to ensure a super sharp edge.

The Kataoka hamon knife company use a unique VG5 steel that they have formulated in house to ensure that their knives stay sharp longer than other VG steel blades. They have tested this using certified CATRA scientific testing equipment.

The balance fit and finish of these knives are really great and considering the price these knives are a steel if you are looking for a great semi pro kitchen knife.

Additional information

Blade Type

Petty, Utility



Handle Shape

Classic Western


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Tamahagane Blackwood Petty 120mm
139,39 114,84
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