Suehiro Sharpening Pond and Stone Holder


Keeping your work area clean while you work is one of the primary activities of a chef and an important habit to form as a cook. This Suehiro Sharpening Pond will help you to maintain your kitchen knives in a clean and efficient way.

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If you have any experience sharpening kitchen knives then you surely know that it can be a messy job. The Suehiro Sharpening Pond will stop water from dripping all over your work bench while you sharpen your knives. The sharpening pond comes with an adjustable stone holder to keep your stone stable and in place and the pond itself is made with anti-slip rubber.

The pond collects any slurry that builds up while you work and makes sharpening your knives a far cleaner and relaxed experience. If you sharpen your knives on a bench top, we believe that this sharpening accessory from Suehiro is something that you will enjoy using.

As mentioned the Suehiro Sharpening Pond comes with a stone holder, which has telescopic adjustment and will fit just about any stone you work with. The stone holder can even be used separately on a sink bridge if you prefer.

Sharpening your knives is an integral part of cookery and a must in terms of kitchen knife safety. Modern Cooking also stock a wide range of sharpening stones and accessories including sink bridges and sharpening guides. If you are just getting started in knife sharpening we also have several knife sharpening kits which include the Suehiro Sharpening Pond.


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Suehiro Sharpening Pond and Stone Holder
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