Regular Konro Grill – Portable BBQ Grill

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These small Japanese BBQ’s have steadily become popular with professional chefs around the world for their compact size, and great heat control. This particular model is suitable for 2-4 people. The BBQ has dimensions 310mm x 230mm x 210mm.

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Constructed out of Diatomite (fossilised plankton) each Konro is built using specialised Japanese joinery techniques that require no mortar and result in a stronger, tighter and more fire resistant finish that is extremely durable. Diatomite is a naturally heat resistant material and is perfect for BBQ it contains the heat well, while the angled internal shape of the Konro conducts the heat up towards the food.

This unique design is popular with Yakitori chefs all over Japan including Michelin stared chefs like Toshihiro Wada of Birdland Tokyo. In recent years the BBQs have also become popular with western chefs, including famous Michelin stared chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Sat Bains.

The BBQ’s have a unique ability to impart rich smokey characteristics into the food giving a deliciously rustic flavour to whatever is cooked on them. The compact size makes the Konro grill efficient in its use of charcoal as well.

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Weight 26 kg
Outside-Dimensions (CM)

31L x 23W x 20H cm


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Regular Konro Grill – Portable BBQ Grill
359,05 269,29
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