Masamoto KS Gyuto 210mm

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Possibly one of the most highly sought after knives amongst professional chefs. The Masamoto KS Gyuto is the gold standard in professional quality. The evenly tapered spine, well thought out profile and delightful 70/30 grind, make this 100% hand forged Masamoto KS Gyuto every chef’s dream. The extremely hard Shirogami steel holds a wonderfully sharp edge and is super easy to maintain. This is an easy choice for anyone in the market for a premium, professional grade Gyuto.

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KS Series

Featuring Masamoto’s legendary craftsmanship the KS series in extremely popular amongst professional chefs and enthusiasts. The series is Masamoto’s premium offering in Shirogami or White Paper #2 steel, an extremely pure, high carbon steel. Considered Hon-Kasumi knives, several extra steps are carried out during the forging, quenching, sharpening and finishing stages of production and a higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is given to these blades to ensure they of superior quality. Each knife is hand sharpened, polished and inspected by especially skilled and experienced senior craftsman to ensure that the resulting knife features an extra sharp edge and a more refined level of finish.

Each KS series knife features a blade core of Hitachi White Steel No.2 (HRc. 62-63), which is forge-welded with soft iron. This steel is known to be capable of achieving a high hardness level without being overly brittle. The result is a very sharp edge with good edge retention and easy to sharpen-ability.

The KS Series has become popular because it offers professional-quality features and Masamoto’s legendary craftsmanship. It’s easy to recommend the KS series and it is not often that you will find such a high quality of craftsmanship at such a reasonable price.

Masamoto Sohonten

Masamoto was established in 1845, towards the end of the Edo period, by master blacksmith Minosuke Matsuzawa. Minosuke was devoted to his craft and constantly worked to innovate and develop new techniques, ever improving the quality of his knives. This devotion led to a reputation for producing some of the best kitchen knives available in the Kanto region, where Minosuke lived. Close to 200 years and six generations later the Masamoto name is recognized as one of the best knife producers in the world.

Now a legendary, multi-award-winning brand which is perhaps one of the most famous and respected in Japan. Masamoto constantly receives accolades for their quality and innovative design, in recent years the brand has been recognized as the No.1 sushi knife maker.

For knife enthusiasts and professional chefs Masamoto knives are considered some of the best available with unique profiles and perfect craftsmanship. If you are looking for an extremely good value and high-performance kitchen knife look no further. The team at Modern Cooking are always impressed by the performance of Masamoto knives and we are extremely honoured to be able to offer these premium, high performance blades in our store.

Additional Information

Blade Type




Core Steel

White #2 – Shirogami #2

HRC Rockwell





Double-edged Blade (70/30 Grind)

Handle Material

Japanese Magnolia (Ho Wood)

Handle Shape

D-Shaped Wa (Right Handed)


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Masamoto KS Gyuto 210mm - White #1 - Blade
Masamoto KS Gyuto 210mm
553,35 442,68
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