Hand Forged Kitchen Knives

Hand forged kitchen knives can be a challenge. Are you looking for a precision crafted, practical tool or are you looking for a collectible artwork?

At Modern Cooking we mostly focus on the practical. We want to see the hand forged kitchen knives in our shop put to work and appreciated for their precision and for the results that they produce. With that said you will find some very beautiful knives in our shop. From Unique Damascus patterns, Tsuchimi hammer and Kurouchi finish to highly polished Migaki blades you will find a wide selection of kitchen knife styles here.

We have also been careful to curate blades made from a wide variety of premium steels including super hard steels like ZDP and HAP40 for ultra-sharp blades. As well as more forgiving, yet still very hard steels like R2, SG2 and VG10.

These modern advanced steels are also complimented by a range of tradition Yasuki Specialty Steels (YS) developed to emulate the Tamahagane steel used in original Japanese Katana. YS Steels include Shirogami #1, Aogami and Aogami Super.

We work together with our blacksmith partners to source handles with a focus on fit and finish, and most importantly ergonomics and comfort.

If you would like to read about the various different steels and how kitchen knives are constructed, we have several articles in our Magazine.

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