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Like the Gyuto the Western chef’s knife is a multi-purpose kitchen knife. In the hands of professional chefs around the world the Chef’s knife is the perfect tool for a range of cutting tasks. This knife is easily the most used and most popular knife for any cook regardless of their skill level.

The Chef’s knife is a long blade usually between 210mm and 270mm, but they can be as short as 180mm and as long as 300mm. Most professional chefs will use a 240mm and in the home 210mm is very popular.

The profile of the blade has a long-curved belly shape to it, which is great for rock-chop style movement and, while the flatter style of the Japanese Gyuto is better for slicing, the length of the chef’s knife blade is also great for this task.

Chef knives come in wide range of steel types including high performance stainless steels and high carbon steels. If you are looking for something resilient that you can beat up a little then go for something in a softer stainless steel like VG10 and if you are looking for a razor sharp cutting edge then you will want to look at the R2 stainless steel or one of the high carbon steels like Aogami Super (AS).

If you would like to read more about different knife types, we have a detailed guide in our magazine.

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