Foodie Gifts

Great gift ideas for foodies

If you are looking for some great gifts for the home cook in your life or a foodie, who is always looking for new and interesting things to cook and taste, I am here to help. In this list of foodie gifts you will find inspiration what to get for your foodie friend or to put on your own wish list. 

Kitchen Utensils from BergHOFF

The foodie close to my heart is also the one cooking up delicious meals. A great way to repay those that bring joy into your life with great food is to give them colourful utensils that will brighten up their kitchen. BergHOFF have a wonderful range of well-made utensils for caring home chefs or the friend that always brings cake to gatherings or the office.

Kitchen knives

Some believe, that giving a knife as a gift brings bad luck and will cut the friendship. However, with a beautifully crafted Japanese knife I believe that’s not true. Whoever you will give one of these special knives to will think of you every time they easily slice up ingredients for a delicious meal.

Sale Kitchen Knives
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Knives come in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a multi-purpose knife, the Gyuto or chef’s knife is what you are looking for. This is also a great entry-level for anyone getting into cooking. For those adding to a collection, a paring knife for fine detail work or the slightly larger petty will be a good option. These smaller knives can also be useful when travelling. If you want to learn more about knife shapes and features, check out Kitchen Knives – The Basics.

If you love the idea of gifting knives, but are now worried about the bad luck part, there is a way around it. Attach a coin to the knife, which the recipient will give back to you as “payment”.

Sharpening stones

Whetstone & Honing Steels

For the home chef who already has every knife shape and size possible a sharpening stone will make a great gift.

All knives no matter how well-crafted will eventually need sharpening. The combination whetstone from King is a great starting point. It provides one side for sharpening the knife and another for polishing to finish. If you are buying for a friend with a big knife collection a set of stones will make him or her happy. Putting together a set of whetstones with 320 grit for repairing chipped knives, 1000 grit for sharpening and 6000 for polishing will keep their collection in great shape.

Molecule-R Cocktail Kits

If you are looking for a foodie gift for the cocktail lover or someone who likes to experiment, I recommend a cocktail making kit from Molecule-R. These molecular gastronomy sets let you experiment with the techniques used in professional kitchens around the world while creating delicious cocktails. This is especially great as a Christmas gift, since New Year’s will be just around the corner, time to impress friends with mojito bubbles or foam-topped margarita creations.

Kamado Ceramic Barbecue

Usually, when we think of barbecues, we think of long summer nights and a cold beer. However, barbecues are also great in winter. Gathering around a coal fire, cooking sausages and slurping mulled wine makes for great atmosphere rounded off by some hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows.

A kamado grill is the perfect gift for the foodie with a big backyard and will not only provide a place to grill the perfect steak, but also opens up new experiences like smoking your own meats or making pizza over hot coals.

Konro Barbecue

If your foodie friend is not blessed with a big backyard, but loves to cook over coal, a Konro barbecue is the foodie gift to get. These tabletop barbecues are originally from Japan and can fit on any balcony. For a fun night with family or friends, instead of fondue or raclette, prepare some yakitori and grill them together at the table. However, be mindful of the open flame and smoke.

And you can easily take these portable barbecues with you to the park or a lake and enjoy some grilled meats with a cold beer in the sun.

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