Medium Konro Grill - Portable BBQ Grill


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Chefs can’t get enough of these little table top grills. The Konro grill has a practical and intelligent design, coupled with the fantastic flavour that only cooking over charcoal provides, is simply unbeatable when it comes to cooking the smaller cuts.

If you have ever visited Japan, then you are surely familiar with these table top grills. The konro grill is famous throughout Japan and often found in small Yakitory (chicken skewer) restaurants throughout the country. If you haven’t tried Yakitori, it’s a must and is absolutely delicious.

These medium Konro grills are perfect for up to 8 people, really simple to get started and can cook with the absolute minimum amount of lump charcoal or binchotan if you can get it.

The Konro’s tabletop design is perfect for shared cooking experiences like Japanese and Korean BBQ. Yakitory is obviously a favourite of ours, but if you are looking for some other options to make use of your new Konro grill we think that Tadashi Ono’s book on “the Japanese Grill” is the absolute perfect companion for these compact Japanese BBQ.

The book contains heaps of great recipes for cooking Yakitory, but also covers various cuts of beef and other meats, vegetable dishes and accompaniments. Tadashi also covers fuel sources for cooking on your Konro grill, which we also discuss in our article on cooking with charcoal. Tadashi favours using Japanese Binchotan, essentially this is because the coal is produced in a particular way that makes it super clean burning, it burns at a higher heat and for a longer time than briquettes or lump charcoal.

We understand that Binchotan is hard to come by and expensive. Our advice is to always use hardwood lump charcoal and steer clear of briquettes, which often contain unknown timbers and often use chemical bonding agents that can taint your food. Of course if you do manage to get your hands on some binchotan it’s the perfect fuel source for your new konro grill and burns really hot giving a great flavour to your Japanese BBQ.

    • The Medium Konro Grill

    • Grill size for 4-8 persons

    • Includes a cooking grid as standard

    • Material: Diatomaceous earth

    • Working temperature 107°C to 350°C