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Teruyasu Fujiwara

4th generation swordsmith Teruyasu Fujiwara is one of very few Japanese makers that forge the multilayered San Mai billets in house. Many makers will buy pre-laminated steel sheets, which they then forge into the knives, but Fujiwara san believes that by forging his own steel he is able to produce a more high-performance blade. We agree!

The Fujiwara family have been blacksmiths for over 130 years. Originally forging swords the family turned to culinary blades after the end of WWII. Teruyasu Fujiwara IV is one of the most well respected blade smiths in Japan and his blades are found all over the world in professional kitchens and in the artisan knife collections.

These are some un-deniably awesome blades and we are super excited to be able to offer them in our store.