Tansu Knives

World renowned Australian Blacksmith Mert Tansu of Tansu knives developed his knife skills in the professional kitchen where he worked for many years in some Australia's best restaurants. However, after working with premium quality knives from well respected manufacturers in German and Japan, Mert felt that there was room for improvement. In 2013 Mert decided to begin forging his own knives and after just one year of research and training with more experience blacksmiths in Australia and the USA he began forging custom knives for local and international customers. Quickly, he developed a reputation as a very skilled and talented blacksmith, producing his own Damascus, honyaki and san mai blades and winning awards for quality and skill.

At Modern Cooking we are deeply impressed by Merts knives, his edge profiles, grinds and heat treatments are some of the best we have seen. Today Merts knives are highly sort after and very hard to come by. We are very proud to be able to offer kitchen knives of this calibre from one of Australia most highly regarded and talented blacksmiths.