Cerax Whetstone #1000


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If you have spent any time working in a professional kitchen or if you simply love getting creative in the kitchen you will know that having a razor-sharp set of kitchen knives is an absolute must. Sharp knives produce better cuts, reduce bruising and are much safer to work with. The unfortunate fact is that no matter what kind of knives you have they simply don’t stay sharp. Every month or so you must pull out your whetstones and give your knives a new edge. For some this is a daunting task and an absolute chore, for others sharpening their knives can be like meditation. Regardless of how you feel about it, it must be done. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #1000 is premium sharpening stone designed for both professional and home use.

The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #1000 grit is a great stone for those looking to hone the edge of their blades and re-set the edge. This stone is not really for repair work. We suggest using the #320 or #700 grit stone from the Cerax range if you are looking to repair chips or other damage on your knife edge. #1000-#3000 grit stones are primarily used to re-set and re-burr the blade, with stones towards the #3000 end also provide some polishing. These stones cut smaller amounts of material away from the knife and so they are perfect for the task of sharpening and refining an edge that is already in reasonable condition without wasting away your knives.

The Cerax #1000 grit stone from Suehiro along with a good quality repairing stone (up to about #800) and polishing stone (#5000+) is all you need to keep your knives in good condition. Modern Cooking stocks a range of Suehiro whetstones as well as some other brands to suit each of these purposes. We also recommend regularly using a honing steal to keep you burr straight and true between sharpening’s.

The Suehiro Cerax whetstone series delivers premium grade sharpening at an affordable price. The stones cut well and provide great tactile feedback allowing you to achieve a great edge, with a minimum of time and effort. Suehiro whetstones are made in Japan and have a reputation for producing high-quality, cost-effective products. The Cerax range are produced using premium abrasive material and minimal bonding agents. The stones are designed to last and perform well under both household and professional conditions.

While using the Suehiro Cerax whetstone #1000, we found that the stones have superior tactile feedback, they don’t load up as much as other stones we have tried, and within a few strokes we already had a good burr. The fast cutting nature of these stones gave us the impression that they would easily last for a few years under heavy use and require less work to achieve satisfying results.

The whetstone has a wide surface making it easy to make long passes across the entire blade length of even the biggest knives in your collection. These whetstones are soaking stones and require around 15-minute soaking time in water before use as well as an occasional splash during use. Unlike splash and go style stones these stones develop quite a bit of slurry, which aids in removing material and reducing load up.

The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #1000 comes with a rubber base and a smaller cleaning stone in the box. The rubber base works well to ensure the stone stays in place while you work, but we always suggest using a sink bridge or a tea towel to ensure the stone doesn’t move around while sharpening. Our preference is for a sink bridge as it allows you to sit the stone under a tap making it easy to splash the stone down every now and then as necessary.

We also have an entry level knife sharpening kit that includes a sharpening steal and sink bridge. However, we also have professional sharpening kits and whetstones for those who are really serious about knife care and maintenance.