Sink Bridge 230mm-305mm


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A sink bridge is probably the most convenient way you can setup your whetstones when you are preparing to sharpen your kitchen knives. The Suehiro Sink Bridge 230mm-305mm is a versatile sink bridge that can be used as a bench top stone holder, as a bridge on top of a polycarbonate tub as many pro knife sharpeners prefer and naturally as a bridge across your kitchen sink. It is important to note however this bridge was designed to work with a polycarbonate tub setup and although it will fit smaller sinks if you are looking to use a bridge in a larger sink you are better off going for the larger Suehiro sink bridge, which has a span of up to 625mm.\n\n\n\nIf you are using the Suehiro Sink Bridge 230mm-305mm in a polycarbonate tub, we suggest that you set the bridge to the left or right side of the tub and not the centre as the corners of your tub are far more ridged and stable than the centre is. For professional chefs the bridge also fits perfectly into hotel pans.\n\n\n\nThis bridge is adjustable from 230mm-270mm if used flat and 260mm-305mm if used with the decline attachment, which also makes it a little easier to set the angle of your blade edge. The Suehiro Sink Bridge 230mm-305mm has removable rubber feet for reduced slipping and a rubber mat or cover to help hold your stones in place, but we like to use our adjustable stone holder, which also comes with a sharpening pond for easy benchtop sharpening.\n\n\n\n