Saji Takeshi

Master Blacksmith Saji Takeshi is a third generation blacksmith from Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture. A member of the Echizen knife village, Saji san has been certified as a traditional knife master-craftsman since the age of 44. Now in his 74s, and with over 30 years of experience hand-forging knives, Master Saji makes some of the most breathtakingly beautiful Damascus knives available. Uncommon amongst blacksmiths, Saji san is also highly skilled in wood work and often pairs his knives with unique custom handles such as his signature handcrafted iron wood handles. Saji Takeshi is a legend in the hunting knife market and has a unique eye for fine details and unique ergonomics that make his kitchen knives not only beautiful to look at, but wonderfully comfortable and easy to use.

Saji Takeshi is a constant innovator and is always look for new and interesting ways to create his extraordinary knives.