Nordquist Designs

Jesse studied Fine Art at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCADU). During his time at NSCADU he took a truly interdisciplinary path, focusing on a variety of craft topics such as gold and silver smithing, graphic & product design, woodworking, and blacksmithing. This interdisciplinary perspective, and appreciation of the history of design, opened his eyes to alternative ways to design and manufacture, which he has incorporated into the current knife making practice at Nordquist Designs.

Jesse’s knives break the mould in many ways. Using unique production processes like CNC milling instead of more traditional forging techniques to produce very precise and fine geometries. That’s not to say that his work is experimental or un-proven, but that he is using “cutting-edge” techniques to push proven designs to their limits. Nordquist Designs knives feature performance focused “S” grinds, extremely aggressive distal tapering, combined with proven hardening techniques and beautiful aesthetics. While these knives do not have traditional looks, have no doubts they will cut very well and you will enjoy using them.