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Myojin Naohito

Myojin Riki Seisakusho is a Kochi-based knife making workshop run by Myojin Tateo and Myojin Naohito. With more than 10 years experience as a sharpener and a reputation for creating some of the best edges around, Myojin Naohito has certainly made his mark on the Japanese kitchen knife industry. The incredibly talented sharpener behind the Konosuke Hamono FM Fujiyama, the Tetsujin, and the MM series, his knowledge and skills have grown at an astonishing rate.

Having also trained as a blacksmith, simply to better understand his craft. With all this knowledge and experience Myojin has begun developing his own ranges in partnership with renowned blacksmiths.

Myojin Tateo, a blacksmith, who was born in the largely rural Kochi Prefecture in the 1950's. Tateo developed his interest in blade forging at a young age and trained under some of Sakai's most talented blacksmiths before establishing Myojin Riki Seisakusho.

Modern Cooking is very excited to have a small selection of the Myojin made blades available, including the SG2 and Metal Flow series