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Masamoto Sohonten

Masamoto was established in 1845, towards the end of the Edo period, by master blacksmith Minosuke Matsuzawa. Minosuke was devoted to his craft and constantly worked to innovate and develop new techniques, ever improving the quality of his knives. This devotion led to a reputation for producing some of the best kitchen knives available in the Kanto region, where Minosuke lived. Close to 200 years and six generations later the Masamoto name is recognized as one of the best knife producers in the world.

Now a legendary, multi-award-winning brand which is perhaps one of the most famous and respected brands in Japan. Masamoto constantly receives accolades for their quality and innovative design, in recent years the brand has been recognized as the No.1 sushi knife maker.

For knife enthusiasts and professional chefs Masamoto knives are considered some of the best available with unique profiles and perfect craftsmanship. If you are looking for an extremely good value and high-performance kitchen knife look no further. The team at Modern Cooking are always impressed by the performance of Masamoto knives and we are extremely honoured to be able to offer these premium, high performance blades in our store.