Hida Konro Grill


The Hida Konro is a particularly famous variant of the Japanese Konro. Constructed out of porous clay and often covered with decorative Washi paper. These compact, portable grills are certainly not designed for cooking steaks or large cuts of meat, in fact they are designed for a more sophisticated and delicate approach.

Think Yakitori (chicken skewers), Yakiniku (grilled meat) and Kobe’s renowned marbled Wagyu beef. Small pieces of fish, vegetables and even haloumi cheese works perfectly. This is communal eating at its best. Friends, a few cold drinks and a little preparation and you have the perfect setting for a great time.

Over the years we have discovered some great books to get you started including, “The Japanese Grill” by Todashi Ono, “Robata, Japanese Home Grilling” by Silla Bjerrum and a personal favourite “Chicken and Charcoal” by Matt Abergel.

One note to make sure you enjoy your grill, avoid cheap charcoal. We even wrote an article on this in our magazine. It’s just not worth it. Cheap charcoal will leave your food tasting tainted and unpleasant, while good quality charcoal will leave a beautiful smoky flavour.

We have several Japanese Konro available on the site including this extra compact Hida Konro at around 100EUR plus shipping. We also have larger Konro grills sized to accommodate from 8 people all the way up to large restaurant grade options.